The banking sector is undergoing a process of fundamental transformation – mainly due to the challenges of digitalization, insistent customers, regulation and a volatile economic environment. This book provides an in-depth understanding of the underlying logic of 21st century’s banking environment and helps to develop a roadmap for the successful transformation of contemporary business models. The authors introduce the ‘Zurich model for a customer-centric banking architecture enabling the reader to develop a sustainable business model which copes with the challenges of this information age. They identify customer behavior traps in such an environment; introduce adequate strategic instruments and cornerstones for providing added value through financial services, and provide core factors for conducting a successful transformation process.

The Authors:
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Auge-Dickhut is Head of Research and Deputy Director of the Swiss Institute for Financial Education (SIF) which is part of the Kalaidos University of Applied Science Switzerland. She has a broad knowledge as consultant and researcher with various publications and has worked in the finance field (team head Ernst & Young), notably in the banking industry (head of valuation HVB Consult) for more than 10 years. She is founding partner of Koye & Partner Consulting.

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Koye is Director of the SIF and a specialist in business models of banks and change management and a senior expert in banking education. Among others, he acted as divisional head executive education at Swiss Finance Institute; as department head for leadership and Executive training at UBS Wealth Management and as Managing Director of the Zurich Wealth Forum. He is founding partner of Koye & Partner Consulting.

Axel Liebetrau is a thought-leader for innovation and foresight in banking and insurance. He is speaker, consultant and entrepreneur with passion and commitment. Axel Liebetrau has a German degree in Banking and Finance and UK Master of Business Administration in International Management Consulting. He is founder of BIG – Banking Innovation Group, Europe’s only management consultancy focused on innovation and trends in Banking and Insurance.

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